Giraffe ring tai

go to http://dragonflycreations21.blogspot.com/2014/03/mei-tai-hood-tutorial-with-ears.html


4 thoughts on “tutorial

  1. Oh I absolutely love this, good job and SUCH a cute carrier! My little man is my little monkey and you have inspired me to try a monkey hood. How do you like your ring tai? I want to try padded straps next time and a wider body now that baby is getting bigger.

    • I’ve only worn it 2 times but I really like it. The body of mine fits my son perfect now, but I can see I’ll need a wider one in a few months. I think the wide padded straps would be really nice on it, like the ones I’ve seen on a wcmt. I think they might be called padded to wrap straps? Im thinking I might try that, and then change up the body style to be able to do seat darts and then might do a padded waist. A monkey hood would be adorable!! You should do it!

      • Well I can see it’s going to be a race because I also want to do seat darts (I have NEVER tried it!), a padded waist and padded to wrap straps! We can compare notes and assemble a toddler tutorial. The race is on!

  2. 🙂 awesome! This was my 2nd mei tai.. Im trying to figure out what I like best…let me know when you have yours done, I’d love to see how you end up making it..

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